From its underground origin to the container, ours
water passes through a modern purification system
- Reverse osmosis
- Remineralization
- Microfiltration
This system allows you to have a product
pure and light, with a very low fixed residue, with a Ph
controlled and balanced, zero impurities, with a neutral taste.
Comparative analyzes carried out by the Department of Chemistry
of the University of Florence (test report number 20 / AIB01,
declaration of 15 October 2020) confirm that the quality
of the water is suitable for consumption in children.


How the packaging is made?

Several layers for optimal protection.
Each element plays a specific role.

  • Polyethylene: waterproof adhesive layer that allows product protection
  • Aluminum: barrier from light, oxygen and odors
  • Paper: rigidity and shape


Data sheet
Fixed residue at 180C: 29 mg / ll
Acidity pH: 7.3
Conductivity uS / cm at 20C: & lt; 1188
Total hardness mg CaCO3 / I: 32
Chlorides: <10 mg / l
Nitrates: <2 mg / l
Nitrites: <0.025 mg / l
Sulphates: <25 mg / l
Bicarbonates: 58 mg / l
Aluminum: <10 ug / I
Calcium: 13 mg / l
Magnesium: <1 mg / 1
Manganese: & lt; 5 ug / I
Potassium: <1 mg / I
Sodium: 1.3 mg / l
Analysis performed by AQUIMISIA SL
Salamanca (ES) on 22/01/2020
Bulletin n. 03318399 // 803394
Microbiologically controlled.
Bottled in Spain in the atmosphere
protected. Keep in one place
cool and dry and sheltered
by the sun's rays.
Comparative analysis for confirmation
performed by the Department of Chemistry
University of Florence
Test report n 20 / AIB011
Declaration dated 15/10/2020